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On this portal besides the current news and events in the Veliko Gradište and Silver Lake you can get information about attractions and natural beauty that should be visited during the holidays. Here you can find adequate accommodation in rooms, villas and suites with private landlords as well as hotels in Silver Lake.

Silver Lake is situated on the right bank of the Danube and makes its long-time river flow which is nowadays closed bulkhead dams at the beginning and end of the lake. The lake is located in the region of Braničevo District in the northwest part of eastern Serbia, in two and a half kilometers to the Great forts. The average width of the lake is about 298 m, and the average length is 13.5 km. Silver Lake is in the broad valley of the Danube, but is surrounded by mountains altitude of 280 meters going towards to the north (the hill Gorica), 360 meters to the south (the hill Lipovača) and the western part of the valley sheltered by the Great hill and tip Anathema to 324 meters above sea level. The mouth of the river Pek into Danube, famous for its reverse during the time of high water, located south of Silver Lake. The historic archaeological sites of medieval towns Golubac fortress and Ram fortress in the vicinity of the lake as a source Hajdučka water. On both parts that connect the Silver Lake with the Danube was transferred put Veliko Gradiste-Zatonje. Other villages on the lake are Kisiljevo and Biskuplje. Silver Lake has the form of thick curves and has an area of ​​4 square kilometers. Located at 70 m.n.v. and deeply about 7.5 meters. The water is relatively clear because it has a natural filtration of water passing through numerous sand dunes. The lake is abundant in freshwater fish, especially grass carp, carp, catfish, pike, perch and other varieties of freshwater fish. The lake is famous destination for relaxation and fishing, but recently attracts tourists from all over Serbia, despite the lack of accommodation.


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Silver Lake is advertised as the “Serbian sea”, because Serbia has no outlet to the sea. The lake has hotels, restaurants and T-boarding houses, summer houses and most spacious car-camping park in the country. Private accommodation Silver Lake apartments, accommodation bungalows, Silver Lake prices. Silver Lake Resort is a tourist reserve at Silver Lake with congress, sports, and recreational facilities. The vastness of this complex covers an area of ​​about 320 hectares. Includes holiday resorts, villas, an aqua park, a tourist boat, restaurant, cafe, tennis courts, marina and zone entertainment, recreation and health.

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